Ten Great Photography and Image Sites on the Internet

Everyone has their favorite sites. Whether it’s photography, music, or cooking. Here’s 10 of my favorite photography and image sites.

  • Lomography – The original and best site for lomography. It’s film based, but some people have started applying the 10 Golden Rules to digital photography, also.
  • Flickr – One of the original personal photography archiving sites.
  • Photography Tips – While it has a lot of stuff I choose not to use (software processing and such), this is a good site for learning more about basic photography.
  • photo.net – Another general photography site, with lots of information.
  • Photographers Gallery – If you just feel like browsing works by classic and contemporary professional photographers, this is a great place for that.

Everyone likes funny (maybe disturbing) photos. Here’s some of my favorite sites.

A couple of beautiful and wonderful sites.

  • The Amazing Pics – A must-view site.
  • interfacelift – Simply the best site for desktop, tablet and cell phone backgrounds you’ll find. Original photography from around the world.

So there you are. 10 of what I believe are the best photograpy and image sites on the net. Did I miss something or you have some good ones? Let me know in the comments!


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