My Audiobook List, Part One

This is a much larger project than I thought. I currently have 87 audiobooks in my collection, 55 of which I have not read. I’ll be adding more, of course, but I want to get some of this list whittled down. Just in case anyone is interested, here’s my list, ordered by publication date (this may reveal more about me than I realized):

  • The Civil War: A Narrative, Volume 1, Fort Sumter to Perryville (Shelby Foote, 2004, 43 hours 4 minutes)
  • The Secret History of the Pink Carnation (Lauren Willig, 2005, 13 hours 36 minutes)
  • In the Company of Cheerful Ladies (Alexander McCall Smith, 2005, 9 hours 25 minutes)
  • The Masque of the Black Tulip (Lauren Willig, 2005, 14 hours 44 minutes)
  • The Deception of the Emerald Ring (Lauren Willig, 2006, 13 hours 47 minutes)
  • The Rise and Fall of Alexandria (Justin Pollard & Howard Reid, 2006, 11 hours 31 minutes)
  • The Cold Dish (Craig Johnson, 2007, 13 hours 18 minutes)
  • The Education of Henry Adams (Henry Adams, 2007, 19 hours 30 minutes)
  • The Art Thief (Noah Charney, 2007, 10 hours 13 minutes)
  • March Violets (Philip Kerr, 2008, 9 hours 18 minutes)
  • No Graves As Yet (Anne Perry, 2008, 12 hours 13 minutes)

More to come later!



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