My Audiobook List, Part One

This is a much larger project than I thought. I currently have 87 audiobooks in my collection, 55 of which I have not read. I’ll be adding more, of course, but I want to get some of this list whittled down. Just in case anyone is interested, here’s my list, ordered by publication date (this may reveal more about me than I realized): Continue reading


Audiobook Challenge 2017

I know it’s kind of late in the year, but I’ve joined an Audiobook challenge. I’m interested to see how many I can finish before the end of 2017. There are a couple out there, but the one I joined is hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviewer. You can find out more information here. I’m really hoping this will encourage me to make better use of my Audible subscription. The first book I’ll be listening to is Charles Dickens’ The Cricket on the Hearth.

Summer Doldrums?

Heat. Humidity. Long days. Short nights. It’s summer here in the river valley.

I’ll be the first to say: Summer is not my favorite season. It’s too hot for me. Too bright. The humidity is awful when you live in a river valley. I much prefer the cooler months. If it’s above 70 degrees, I’m uncomfortable. And now I seem to be stuck in the doldrums.

I’m having problems blogging. I don’t seem to be passionate about much of anything right now. Not photos, not music, not even books. It’s taking me far too long to finish a book. Nothing seems to interest me. I guess the only thing to do is to work through it somehow. So I’ll keep reading. I’ll keep posting here. Get out and take some new photos. Start learning how my music composition software works. Maybe try something new.

Here’s a photo I took in late August 2007 that sums up how I feel right now. It was taken at New Harmony, Indiana. It’s a fascinating place, with lots of history. Maybe I should head back there sometime. Get some inspiration from those old Rappites and Robert Owen’s later community.

Path, New Harmony, Indiana
Path, New Harmony, Indiana

Ten Great Photography and Image Sites on the Internet

Everyone has their favorite sites. Whether it’s photography, music, or cooking. Here’s 10 of my favorite photography and image sites.

  • Lomography – The original and best site for lomography. It’s film based, but some people have started applying the 10 Golden Rules to digital photography, also.
  • Flickr – One of the original personal photography archiving sites.
  • Photography Tips – While it has a lot of stuff I choose not to use (software processing and such), this is a good site for learning more about basic photography.
  • – Another general photography site, with lots of information.
  • Photographers Gallery – If you just feel like browsing works by classic and contemporary professional photographers, this is a great place for that.

Everyone likes funny (maybe disturbing) photos. Here’s some of my favorite sites.

A couple of beautiful and wonderful sites.

  • The Amazing Pics – A must-view site.
  • interfacelift – Simply the best site for desktop, tablet and cell phone backgrounds you’ll find. Original photography from around the world.

So there you are. 10 of what I believe are the best photograpy and image sites on the net. Did I miss something or you have some good ones? Let me know in the comments!